California Metal Service

IMG_5042On September 22nd and October 12th, I took cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles to CMS Recycling Center in Escondido.  They give you more money than most places in California ($1.90/lb vs $1.60/lb for Cans)!  The first time I went there I got $22.76.  We saw lots of boxes of cans in the back.  It was about 20ft high and could fill three big rooms in a house.  When I went back with my Grandpa I made $58.01.  I like this place and if you bring a kid and five parents you get 6 lollipops!  It’s like the kid is the key to open the lollipop box.

So far I have raise $25.75 for the Helen Woodward Animal Center.  With my parents match and my Dad’s companies match that will be $103.00 raised for them.

2 thoughts on “California Metal Service

  1. Very cool! I continue to save all my cans and empty soda plastic bottles for you. Will contract you when bag is full.


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