My Mom Got Freaked Out

Me and my Cub Scout Den, from pack 681, went on a hike.  We went maybe 1/2 a mile and went up to a rocky ridge at the top of one of Lake Hodges hills.  There were lots of cans in a trench in two parts of a rock.  I took the cans and glass bottles home.  My sister and I dumped the cans out in the garage.  Then I said, “Run away!”  I don’t want to say this, but there was a beetle that came out of one of the cans or bottles.  Then I caught the beetle and then went out side and let it go.  My mom was freaked out.   Then my Mom got freaked out again, because she heard a sound in the bag of cans.  My mom said the sound was a “scritch, scritch, scratch”.  I thought there might be a lizard in there.  I don’t want to say this either, but there was another beetle in another can.  My dad found it by looking in cans with a flash light.  We put the can outside and I hope the beetle climbs out of the can.  IMG-5675

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