Kick Sticks are fun for crazy cats

When we purchased our first kick stick from Tabby Nation and introduced it to our cat, Pip, he acted like it had the most revolting smell of all time. A few days later we heard a scratching sound in my mom’s bedroom. There he was, attacking the kick stick! He was playing very viciously. Once he saw us, he quickly made a beeline for the door and was out of there in an instant. So, if your cat loves to play, or even may not, kick sticks are good for every cat! If you’re interested, go to to see what they have available. They cost $8.00 and the money goes directly to the care of the rescue cats. And/or donate cans to me so I can use the money to help Tabby Nation.


The Kan Kid

Tabby Nation Cat Rescue

We brought Tabby Nation a donation of $270. Half I collected, and the other half my parents matched. My dad’s business will be matching the $270 for a grand total of $540!! This will help with a lot of the kitten’s surgeries. One of the kittens, Aka, got a sinus infection which caused ulcers on his eyes and now he is blind. He needs a surgery to remove his eyes. My donation will help pay for this surgery or others like it. At Tabby Nation, they have kitty social hours on Wednesday afternoons where you can meet some of their cute, fluffy kittens. My sister, Avalyn, was very attached to Aka. When she heard the news that Aka has found a new home, she was devastated! We kept saying that it is a good thing that Aka now has a home, but she kept screaming. She really wanted to adopt him. We would if we could, but our cat Pip fell seriously ill the last time we got kittens. So, we are not able to get kittens at this time. My personal favorite was Vincent. He was a black and gray kitten that was very playful. I felt very attached to him. Keep updated by checking out her website ( as she is planning to start kitten mediation classes soon!

From, The Kan Kid

Avalyn playing with Aka
Kitten around
Waving good-bye in the window

How Does the Kan Kid Work?

Step 1 Contact: The first step is someone contacts me and says they have cans to be picked up. They contact me by emailing me ( or messaging my mom on Facebook.

Step 2 Pick Up: To get the cans to the recycling center we need to first get the cans. We get in the car and drive to the pick up location. We grab the cans from the porch (or wherever the contactor leaves them). We load them in the car. Then we drive home.

Step 3 Sort: Next if the bags have more than one type of recycling material, we need to sort them into different boxes and/or bags.

Step 4 Smash: Then we stomp the cans to flatten them. The reason we do this is so we don’t have an overloaded load in our car – everything has a limited amount of space; including space.

Step 5 Twist: On our plastic bottles we need to take off the lids. The reason for this is because at the recycling center, the machine could get jammed if the lids are on the bottles. They ask us to remove all lids from plastic bottles. We can still leave the lids in the bags to get recycled, they just can’t be on the bottles.

Step 6 Get Ready: The final step before we get to the recycling center is to put the cans, plastic, and glass bottles in the car to drive them to the recycling center.

Step 7 Cha-Ching: When we get the recycling center, we put our cans and bottles into bins. We put the bins onto a push cart and push them to the weigh station. A worker weighs everything we have and then gives us a receipt telling us how much we are owed. Then we take the receipt to the “cha-ching” station and the cashier gives us our cash. They also have fun, yummy lollipops that they hand out with the money. I like the green ones, my sister gets the purple ones.

Step 8 Pay Day: My dad takes the money and takes 25% out and puts it in a small wallet, waiting to be donated. He then calculates how much cash I get and how much goes into my savings account. My sister also gets a percentage of the money because she helps smash and get the cans. My dad calculates her share as well. When we get to $100 in our donation wallet we deliver a check to Tabby Nation Cat Rescue.

How you can help:

You can help by rinsing your bottles, smashing the cans and taking off the caps of plastic bottles and sorting the different materials into separate bags before we pick up. Thank you for your help!


A grey cat wearing a surgical mask.

Lately we have been donating 25% of our profits to Oceana. A non-profit organization dedicated to cleaning up the oceans. Sadly, Oceana did not respond to my dad’s email requests for information for his company to do a company match on our donation. So, I have decided to switch who I donate my money to. I thought about it long and hard. My teacher told me that her daughter has a non-profit organization called, “Tabby Nation Cat Rescue.” They are dedicated to helping kittens and cats find homes and live beautiful lives. She even hosts community events where you can go and interact with the kittens at 4 Feet and Feathers grooming salon in Escondido. You can find out more about her rescue organization and community events by finding her on Facebook and Instagram at Tabby Nation Cat Rescue. Her website is: I am glad that I am helping a small local business that needs helps and helps kittens and cats live their best lives.


The Kan Kid

P.S. If you are interested in helping cute kittens find homes you can donate money to her business or give me your recycling. Also, if you are a cat owner and your cat loves catnip/kittynip, then you would love the kick sticks that she sells, check out her website to find the kick sticks!

New Year Neighborhood Walk

My family and I took a walk in our neighborhood after New Years.  I found lots of cans.  Can you believe people just toss their cans on the ground!?  This is a picture from the end of the walk with all of the cans and bottles we found.  We walked in the house and washed all of the cans.  Then we carried the cans to the garage for sorting, but a glass bottle slipped out of my mom’s hands and shattered all over the floor!  So, I was down one glass bottle, but I’d still say I did pretty good for a short walk!IMG_2675

The Big Big Switch

I am switching my donations from Helen Woodward Animal Center to Oceana.  Oceana helps fish in the ocean.  They try to prevent overfishing and they also work to keep the ocean clean.  I decided to make this switch because the ocean has a lot of trash.  If people keep this up, there will be more pounds of trash in the ocean than there will be of fish.  I work to keep plastic out of the ocean by making sure plastic bottles make it to the recycling center and don’t end up in the garbage, and eventually the ocean.  If you want to check out the Oceana website, here is there link:



The Oregon Can Recycling Center

In July, we went to Oregon for three weeks to visit my grandparents and to have fun.

In Portland, My grandpa had a surprise for me.  He had been saving all of his cans and bottles since my visit last summer.  My Uncle Scott came over and gave us some cans as well.  We took them to the can recycling center.  It is different than how they do it in California.  They give you ten cents a bottle, but you have to put the bottle and cans in one by one.  If the cans are smashed up you can’t recycle them.

Then we went to Bend, Oregon to visit my grandma.  She had some cans for me as well.  Then, my Uncle Skip and cousin Andrew also had four bags of plastic bottles for me.  My dad took me to the recycling center in Bend.  They do it the same way as Portland.

Love, The Kan Kid


My Donation

In June, I donated $105 to the Helen Woodward Animal Center.  My parents matched my donation, and it turned into $210.  My dad’s company will match that, which will make it $420.  Can you believe it?  Thank you for being a part of my can collecting business!  I hope you will stay with me and help the earth.  While we were at the animal center, we found a cat that was super adorable and super playful.  He even tried to scratch up my fingers.  His name was Montana.  We did not come home with him, but I hope he gets to a good home.


Help the earth and stay with me!
Love, The Kan Kid

People are Littering


We went on vacation.  When we got back, my mom went for a run in my neighborhood.  The picture above shows how many bottles and cans she found on her run.  Geesh!  Thats a lot of cans and bottles!  Who is doing this?  People all around the world are littering.  People even throw trash out their windows when they drive.  Can you believe that?  Littering hurts the environment.  Sea Turtles are one of the five ocean animals that are most harmed by plastic in the ocean.  They think that plastic bags upside down look like jelly fish.  Then they eat them and they die.  If you love the animals like fish, whales, sharks, sea turtles, and all other kinds of ocean animals, you should make sure you pick up your trash and recycle!  Contact the Kan Kid to have your recyclables picked up!

Love, The Kan Kid

Helping Animals

IMG_6351.JPGWe went to the Helen Woodward Humane Society.  I donated $54.  My parents matched my donation so my total donation was $108.  My dad’s company will match that amount, so I’m really donating $216! Helen Woodward is building a new building.  We saw a lot of construction happening while we were there.  When we went to donate, the person said we could earn a gold leaf to hang on a tree in memory of a pet that has past away if we gave more than $100.  The tree will be in the new building once the building is complete.  My cat, Joey, past away about a year ago, so we will have a leaf with his name on it.

Thank you to your help for donating cans to me.  You are really helping me, animals, and the environment at the same time.  I have been putting the money I earn into my bank account for college.  If you want to help me more, you can post my website on your website.  Thank you for helping me, you are really helping me out!  There is a person named Ryan who also recycles cans.  He lives in LA.  He has made more than $8,000!  He gets cans from golf courses and other businesses.  I am hoping to visit some golf courses to tell them about my business.  If you don’t have a website, and you want to help me out, you can email me and I’ll send you one of the fliers for my business.

Love, The Kan Kid