A Trip to rePLANET

When you get to rePlanet, you get three bins (or more if you have a lot). You sort your plastic, aluminum, and glass bottles into each bin.  Then the worker comes and grabs the three buckets.  The worker is dressed in a shirt that says rePLANET, jeans, a hat, and heavy hard shoes so that he doesn’t get hurt by anything like glass on the ground, or a heavy bucket falling on his foot.  He always wears headphones because it’s very loud when he dumps the cans and glass into the bins.  The worker weighs each bin of cans and bottles.  When he knows how much you have, he gives you a paper that says “Ralphs” on it and it has your total.  Ralphs is right behind rePLANET.  You bring the paper to the checkout line at Ralphs.  The checker scans your paper and gives you all the dollars in cash and coins come out of a machine.  And that’s how it’s done.

Love, The Kan Kid

2 thoughts on “A Trip to rePLANET

  1. Hi KanKid! I live in Oregon and I recycle a LOT of stuff. But one thing has always bothered me. Plastic bottles are easily recycled but their screw caps are not. If you add it all up, it seems like there is a lot recyclable plastic in in those caps but they say that caps clog up the machines that recycle plastics. Does California have the same problem?


    1. At rePLANET, the man said that we can give him the bottle caps with the the bottles. They only weigh the bottles, they don’t go into a machine. My mom said that when she used to be a teacher she collected bottle caps and sent them to AVEDA. They would recycle the bottle caps and turn them into new shampoo bottles. I wonder if they still do that.


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