Helping Animals

IMG_6351.JPGWe went to the Helen Woodward Humane Society.  I donated $54.  My parents matched my donation so my total donation was $108.  My dad’s company will match that amount, so I’m really donating $216! Helen Woodward is building a new building.  We saw a lot of construction happening while we were there.  When we went to donate, the person said we could earn a gold leaf to hang on a tree in memory of a pet that has past away if we gave more than $100.  The tree will be in the new building once the building is complete.  My cat, Joey, past away about a year ago, so we will have a leaf with his name on it.

Thank you to your help for donating cans to me.  You are really helping me, animals, and the environment at the same time.  I have been putting the money I earn into my bank account for college.  If you want to help me more, you can post my website on your website.  Thank you for helping me, you are really helping me out!  There is a person named Ryan who also recycles cans.  He lives in LA.  He has made more than $8,000!  He gets cans from golf courses and other businesses.  I am hoping to visit some golf courses to tell them about my business.  If you don’t have a website, and you want to help me out, you can email me and I’ll send you one of the fliers for my business.

Love, The Kan Kid

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