People are Littering


We went on vacation.  When we got back, my mom went for a run in my neighborhood.  The picture above shows how many bottles and cans she found on her run.  Geesh!  Thats a lot of cans and bottles!  Who is doing this?  People all around the world are littering.  People even throw trash out their windows when they drive.  Can you believe that?  Littering hurts the environment.  Sea Turtles are one of the five ocean animals that are most harmed by plastic in the ocean.  They think that plastic bags upside down look like jelly fish.  Then they eat them and they die.  If you love the animals like fish, whales, sharks, sea turtles, and all other kinds of ocean animals, you should make sure you pick up your trash and recycle!  Contact the Kan Kid to have your recyclables picked up!

Love, The Kan Kid

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