A grey cat wearing a surgical mask.

Lately we have been donating 25% of our profits to Oceana. A non-profit organization dedicated to cleaning up the oceans. Sadly, Oceana did not respond to my dad’s email requests for information for his company to do a company match on our donation. So, I have decided to switch who I donate my money to. I thought about it long and hard. My teacher told me that her daughter has a non-profit organization called, “Tabby Nation Cat Rescue.” They are dedicated to helping kittens and cats find homes and live beautiful lives. She even hosts community events where you can go and interact with the kittens at 4 Feet and Feathers grooming salon in Escondido. You can find out more about her rescue organization and community events by finding her on Facebook and Instagram at Tabby Nation Cat Rescue. Her website is: https://www.tabbynation.org/ I am glad that I am helping a small local business that needs helps and helps kittens and cats live their best lives.


The Kan Kid

P.S. If you are interested in helping cute kittens find homes you can donate money to her business or give me your recycling. Also, if you are a cat owner and your cat loves catnip/kittynip, then you would love the kick sticks that she sells, check out her website to find the kick sticks!

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