Clean up the World

I’m a 7 year old boy who wants to clean up the world by collecting aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles.  On a visit to my grandpa’s house in Portland, Oregon, he showed me how you can get money by taking cans and bottles to a recycling center.  They give you ten cents for every can!  I live in California and while they don’t give you that much money, it’s still important to recycle our cans and bottles.  When I got back to San Diego, I went to the beach with my piano teacher.  She wanted to have a beach clean up day with her students.  We collected at least ten buckets of garbage!  Since then, I have gone on several neighborhood clean up walks.  I collect garbage as well as cans and bottles.  I throw the garbage away and take the cans and bottles to the recycling center.  I have also been asking my family, friends, and neighbors to give me their cans to recycle.   I am saving the money I make in my bank account and donating 25% of what I make to the local Humane Society.  My parents will even match my donation!  If you live in or near the 92127 area zip code and you have cans, bottles, or glass that you would like me to recycle, please contact me at  I am happy to arrange a time to pick them up. Thank you for your support!


2 thoughts on “Clean up the World

  1. Dear Kan Kid. I think you are providing a great service to your community and the world not only by helping to pick up garbage and recycling cans but also by donating some of the money you make to a good cause. I hope your hard work and giving back to worthy causes inspires more kids AND adults to do the same. May I suggest, if you are not already doing so, that you set aside a percentage of your earnings for your college education. One last thing, if someone tells you that kids can’t make a difference in this world, just tell them, “Yes We Kan!” Keep up the good work and much success to you!


    1. Dear Scott, Thank you for your message and your support. That is a good idea to save money for college. I think I will do that. I hope you keep messaging me.
      Love, The Kan Kid


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