Clean Up The World

The RB Park Pick Up

My dad, sister, and I went to the RB park.  We played for a couple of minutes.  Then we went on a walk for cans, bottles and glass bottles.  We didn’t find much, but when we got to the dog park we hit the jackpot!  We found three boxes of glass and one big bottle of water.  We left it there because there were too many to carry.  My dad said we would come back and grab them in the car.  We went downhill a little.  There were two cans next to each other and one had three cans and the other one had one can.  Then we walked a little down the lane.  We saw a tree, next to the tree was a can.  I went and picked it up.  Then, right across form it, were five bottles not even in a trash can!  They were scattered over a dugout.  I went and picked all of them up.  Then, we went back to the park area and played for a little bit.  After that, we went back to the car.  We drove over to where the three boxes of glass were and went and picked them up.  While picking them up, my dad dropped a glass bottle and it broke open.  Beer went everywhere and got all over me.  It was better then getting glass on me.   I thought the beer would sting my eyes just like sunscreen, but it didn’t.  I was fine after that and I went home and talked to my mom and took a bath.

My Mom Got Freaked Out

Me and my Cub Scout Den, from pack 681, went on a hike.  We went maybe 1/2 a mile and went up to a rocky ridge at the top of one of Lake Hodges hills.  There were lots of cans in a trench in two parts of a rock.  I took the cans and glass bottles home.  My sister and I dumped the cans out in the garage.  Then I said, “Run away!”  I don’t want to say this, but there was a beetle that came out of one of the cans or bottles.  Then I caught the beetle and then went out side and let it go.  My mom was freaked out.   Then my Mom got freaked out again, because she heard a sound in the bag of cans.  My mom said the sound was a “scritch, scritch, scratch”.  I thought there might be a lizard in there.  I don’t want to say this either, but there was another beetle in another can.  My dad found it by looking in cans with a flash light.  We put the can outside and I hope the beetle climbs out of the can.  IMG-5675

California Metal Service

IMG_5042On September 22nd and October 12th, I took cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles to CMS Recycling Center in Escondido.  They give you more money than most places in California ($1.90/lb vs $1.60/lb for Cans)!  The first time I went there I got $22.76.  We saw lots of boxes of cans in the back.  It was about 20ft high and could fill three big rooms in a house.  When I went back with my Grandpa I made $58.01.  I like this place and if you bring a kid and five parents you get 6 lollipops!  It’s like the kid is the key to open the lollipop box.

So far I have raise $25.75 for the Helen Woodward Animal Center.  With my parents match and my Dad’s companies match that will be $103.00 raised for them.

A Trip to rePLANET

When you get to rePlanet, you get three bins (or more if you have a lot). You sort your plastic, aluminum, and glass bottles into each bin.  Then the worker comes and grabs the three buckets.  The worker is dressed in a shirt that says rePLANET, jeans, a hat, and heavy hard shoes so that he doesn’t get hurt by anything like glass on the ground, or a heavy bucket falling on his foot.  He always wears headphones because it’s very loud when he dumps the cans and glass into the bins.  The worker weighs each bin of cans and bottles.  When he knows how much you have, he gives you a paper that says “Ralphs” on it and it has your total.  Ralphs is right behind rePLANET.  You bring the paper to the checkout line at Ralphs.  The checker scans your paper and gives you all the dollars in cash and coins come out of a machine.  And that’s how it’s done.

Love, The Kan Kid

Poblado Garbage Pick Up

This morning, my mom went for a run.  She saw a lot of garbage around Poblado Drive.  When she got home she told me she saw a glass bottle in the bushes off Poblado.  We got our gloves and garbage bag and headed out to pick up the garbage.  We collected lots of trash.  There were a lot of napkins and trash from McDonalds and Jack in the Box.  We even found a whole pizza box from Costco!  I found one glass bottle to take to the recycling center.  We are going to recycle the pizza box and put the rest of the trash in the garbage.  I hope people stop tossing garbage on the road.

From – The Kan Kid


The Hunt for Cans

We walked around a trail at lake hodges and went to a rocky area.  We found a bottle and a can but couldn’t get to it.  It was in too tight of a space between three rocks.  It was wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, which my dad would not let me go down into.  That made me feel sad because I think I could have got them.    We then played on the sand next to the lake before we went home.  I found a green candy container on the hike out.  We put that in our backpack and took it back to our car and then threw it away in the garbage.   This was an okay trip for collecting because we found cans but couldn’t get to them.

Clean up the World

I’m a 7 year old boy who wants to clean up the world by collecting aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles.  On a visit to my grandpa’s house in Portland, Oregon, he showed me how you can get money by taking cans and bottles to a recycling center.  They give you ten cents for every can!  I live in California and while they don’t give you that much money, it’s still important to recycle our cans and bottles.  When I got back to San Diego, I went to the beach with my piano teacher.  She wanted to have a beach clean up day with her students.  We collected at least ten buckets of garbage!  Since then, I have gone on several neighborhood clean up walks.  I collect garbage as well as cans and bottles.  I throw the garbage away and take the cans and bottles to the recycling center.  I have also been asking my family, friends, and neighbors to give me their cans to recycle.   I am saving the money I make in my bank account and donating 25% of what I make to the local Humane Society.  My parents will even match my donation!  If you live in or near the 92127 area zip code and you have cans, bottles, or glass that you would like me to recycle, please contact me at  I am happy to arrange a time to pick them up. Thank you for your support!