Tabby Nation Cat Rescue

We brought Tabby Nation a donation of $270. Half I collected, and the other half my parents matched. My dad’s business will be matching the $270 for a grand total of $540!! This will help with a lot of the kitten’s surgeries. One of the kittens, Aka, got a sinus infection which caused ulcers on his eyes and now he is blind. He needs a surgery to remove his eyes. My donation will help pay for this surgery or others like it. At Tabby Nation, they have kitty social hours on Wednesday afternoons where you can meet some of their cute, fluffy kittens. My sister, Avalyn, was very attached to Aka. When she heard the news that Aka has found a new home, she was devastated! We kept saying that it is a good thing that Aka now has a home, but she kept screaming. She really wanted to adopt him. We would if we could, but our cat Pip fell seriously ill the last time we got kittens. So, we are not able to get kittens at this time. My personal favorite was Vincent. He was a black and gray kitten that was very playful. I felt very attached to him. Keep updated by checking out her website ( as she is planning to start kitten mediation classes soon!

From, The Kan Kid

Avalyn playing with Aka
Kitten around
Waving good-bye in the window

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