The Oregon Can Recycling Center

In July, we went to Oregon for three weeks to visit my grandparents and to have fun.

In Portland, My grandpa had a surprise for me.  He had been saving all of his cans and bottles since my visit last summer.  My Uncle Scott came over and gave us some cans as well.  We took them to the can recycling center.  It is different than how they do it in California.  They give you ten cents a bottle, but you have to put the bottle and cans in one by one.  If the cans are smashed up you can’t recycle them.

Then we went to Bend, Oregon to visit my grandma.  She had some cans for me as well.  Then, my Uncle Skip and cousin Andrew also had four bags of plastic bottles for me.  My dad took me to the recycling center in Bend.  They do it the same way as Portland.

Love, The Kan Kid


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